lauchie reid narwhal

Sept 6 – Oct 4, 2014

Hyacinths and Thistles

Lauchie Reid Solo Exhibition

Opening Reception:
Saturday Sept 6th

Hyacinths & Thistles is Lauchie Reid’s third solo exhibition at Narwhal and features fourteen works of oil on birch panel that invite viewers into a well-developed world of the unknown and underrepresented. The works function as captured moments in the lives of an extensive cast of odd and compelling characters, many of whom have roots in the collaborative fine art entity Team Macho, of which Reid is a founding member. Often using found historical photographs as a point of departure, Reid blends his narrative with imagined and real truths, recreating images with committed exactitude, while taking liberties to add, eliminate or conceal certain details. The resulting works are powerful and perplexing, ripe with both historical authority and contemporary ambiguity. Reid’s seamless merging of fact with fiction serves to couple tradition with an interwoven web of well-kept secrets and asks his viewers to question notions of historicity, representation, truth claims and presentism.

Lauchie Reid Artist Talk
Saturday Sept 27th 2pm

Open to the public. Free to attend.