February 21 – March 21 2015

Ambrosial Affair

Junko Mizuno Solo Exhibition

Saturday, February 21st 2015 from 3-6pm
Artist will be in attendance

Narwhal Contemporary is pleased to present Ambrosial Affair, an exhibition of new works by internationally celebrated Japanese artist Junko Mizuno. The second in a three-part exhibition series titled ‘Junko Mizuno’s Food Obsession’, Ambrosial Affair invites viewers into a world of delightfully dark and erotic food fetishes that views eating as a metaphor for female sexual appetite and power. The twenty works on display highlight Mizuno’s mastery of both traditional Japanese and contemporary illustrative techniques. Using acrylic, ink and graphite Mizuno has created visually stunning and content-rich pieces that walk a fascinating line between the adorable, humorous, mysterious and grotesque.

Mizuno’s work is rich with historical and cultural influence, reaching across centuries of human history and spanning traditions from both Eastern and Western worlds. One reoccurring image is that of the iconic multi-armed goddess cloaked in symbols of life and wisdom, surrounded by fleets of devoted minions and enveloped in flames that will never consume her. In a fascinating and humorous contemporary twist, Mizuno seamlessly integrates elements of popular food culture into these scenes of holy devotion. The goddesses of Ambrosial Affair are armed with coffee pots and pomegranate juice, surrounded by rainbows of bacon and speaking in the tongue of fried eggs. Interested in the ‘sin’ of over-eating, Mizuno has created scenes that fetishize food as a source of self-pleasure and a receptacle for sexual desire. Staring out at us with enigmatic eyes and knowing smiles, these goddesses are mischievous and selfish, using their hedonistic tendencies to increase their seductive draw. With traditional powers of fertility, reproduction and grace in tact, the subjects of Mizuno’s paintings embody a playful and empowered energy that reclaims food consumption as a source of female pride and shameless joy.


Exhibition runs February 21 – March 21, 2015

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