Lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

Jacob Robert Whibley is a Toronto based artist focusing on collage, sculpture and installation. Exploring the theme of interstitial spaces, Whibley’s collages show geometric and organic forms in a suspended moment of transition. Drawing inspiration from modernist design and unfulfilled histories, Whibley assembles each collage through a process of successive movements and emphasizes the contrast between found and intentionally crafted elements. These tactile moments allude to structural and topographic forms as they shift and reconfigure towards newer possibilities.

A graduate of The Ontario College of Art and Design in the Communication Design program, Whibley has exhibited as a member of Team Macho from 2005-2011, with Friends for Life (June 2005), Team Macho is a Tough Man (May 2006), Fancy Action Now (May 2007, Kitschy, Gay, And Over In a Second (Sept 2008) and Hibernation Sickness (Oct 2010). Magic Pony published their first monograph in 2007, entitled Fancy Action Now: The Art of Team Macho and their second monograph The Merlin Years (2012). Whibley has exhibited his solo work in group show Mittenfists (Aug 2007) and with Narwhal in Stay Gold (Dec 2008), Atlas Findings (Apr 2010), The Dazzle (Oct 2010) and SCOPE Miami (Dec 2011), PULSE NYC (May 2012) and PULSE Miami (Dec 2012).

Most recently he was included in the group shows Freedom of Assembly (2012) at Oakville Galleries, Canada and Collages (2012) at Espace de l’art concret in Mouans-Sartoux, France. Primarily recognized for his abstract collages, it is with a bell is a cup until it is struck (2012) at Harbourfront Centre, Canada that he makes an aesthetic departure to further explore themes of contemporary architecture, mark-making and memory.

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