Lauchie Reid is a Toronto ­based painter and illustrator. As a founding member of Canadian art collective Team Macho, Reid developed a multi­faceted and diverse approach to image making that expresses a love for outmoded techniques and aesthetics, a bizarre sense of humour, and a sadly sweet view of childhood, family and personality. Playing the role of documentarian, Reid explores the role of traditional portraiture as a relevant and timeless method of celebrating human achievement while rejecting the notion of reserving these rites to specific social classes. He has exhibited his work as a part of Team Macho in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Bordeaux, San Francisco, Amsterdam and most recently at the OPTICA Centre for Contemporary Art in Montreal, Canada (April 2013).

Reid has exhibited as a founding member of Team Macho since 2005 in Friends for Life (June 2005), Team Macho is a Tough Man (May 2006), Fancy Action Now (May 2007), Kitschy, Gay, And Over In a Second (September 2008), Hibernation Sickness (Nov 2010) and AXIS MUNDI at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Canada (2012). Reid has exhibited his solo work with Narwhal in Stay Gold (December 2008), Life Drawing (March 2009), That Hideous Strength (May 2010) and his most recent solo exhibition The World Turned Upside Down (Oct 2011).

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