Tibi Tibi Neuspiel works in a diverse range of media including sculpture, performance, digital imaging and video. Best known for his deft use of pigmented wax as medium for his wryly humourous sculptures, he mines the banal for the prophetic and haunting. Neuspiel references both tangible understandings of the natural world, and elements culled from popular culture chosen for, or repurposed to present, subtly sinister qualities.

Neuspiel has exhibited his work and had it featured in publications throughout North America and Europe, including at Art Basel and the NY Art Book Fair at MOMA PS1. Currently employing both traditional and digital techniques, Neuspiel’s practice ranges from sculpture and painting, to performance and video. His work explores the limitations of literal meaning and aims to invoke a more ineffable understanding.

Neuspiel has exhibited with Narwhal in Stay Gold (Dec 2008), The Dazzle (Oct 2010) and solo exhibition The Confident Lesbian (Apr 2012). He has also particpated in Art Basel Miami (2009-2011) and Pulse NYC (May 2012)

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