About Us

Established in 2009, Narwhal presents ambitious curatorial projects, collaborations, and solo exhibitions by gallery artists.

Actively exploring convergences between contemporary art, design, and visual culture, Narwhal is critically engaged with the ways in which these overlaps have become entrenched in international contemporary art practices and dialogues. Our gallery positions itself in the crux of the development of these discussions, providing an international platform for emerging and mid-career Canadian artists, and brings artists from abroad into our local and national cultural contexts.

We work for the long-term career development of the artists we represent, placing their works in collections, acting as a liaison with other galleries and institutions, and publishing exhibition catalogues, artist multiples, and monographs on gallery artists. Through our commitment to the artists we work with, we create a base from which their oeuvres are promoted and archived, and support their critical exploration and development. Narwhal is an accessible public space that is a forum for engaging with discourses surrounding contemporary art, and the specific visions of the work we present.

Gallery Directors
Kristin Weckworth
Steven Cober

Gallery Rental

For availability and pricing, please see our This Open Space page.


2104 Dundas St West
Toronto, Ontario M6R 1W9

Hours of Operation
Open July 9 -30 2016
Thurs- Sat 12-6pm
Otherwise by appointment


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